Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Food Glorious Food

That's the topic of the day. So far, I've been using this "Blog Once A Day in May" to my advantage by checking for topics during the week so I am prompted to write about something without having to do any thinking. So, that's working well for me.

What an apt topic, too!

I've been thinking a lot about food - where it comes from, what it's doing for me and my family as well as the environment. So much so that Babe has asked me to return the book "Animal Vegetable Miracle" to the library and stick to my cheesy romance novels.

No way, Jose!

I've been trying to incorporate more veggies in my life - a no brainer, I know, but something I fell off from sometime over the last six months.

My Tuesday tradition (starting last week, mind you) is to take Buddy to the Farmer's Market and buy veggies and fruit for the week. We also joined a CSA and will do our first pick up on Sunday.

We're also doing "Meatless Monday" by skipping the meat on Monday nights. Word!

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Christine said...

Dude! I loved Animal Vegetable Miracle! Such a good book! And I LOVED being in a CSA in Philly - I guess I should work on finding one around here :)