Tuesday, April 23, 2013

wknd pics one day late

Yahtzee!! I went yard sale shopping on Saturday morning - two stops, $27 dollars, fifty articles of gently used clothes. Among them? 40 dresses in buddy's size, three jackets, two brand new pairs of pants. Plus, five books and a dora bat. BOOM. 

Oh, okay very small people. You win. 

On Saturday, we went to see my niece's play. 

In which she had a lead role and sang her heart out and I wept like a child. 

Guess who became best friends this weekend? 

Buddy and Grampa. 

Oh. We also stopped at the brewery. Ha! 

Best day ever. A pic from supper club. 


Randi said...

Looks AMAZINGLY fun dude. Heckuva haul over there. Well played.

Ang said...