Monday, April 29, 2013

Wknd Pics and Pics from last week - totally out of order like my life

Last week, Buddy the lounger was on vacay from daycare. Which translated into the best week ever. Also, one of the busiest weeks I've had at work to date, but whatever right? We'll sleep when we're dead. Here she is enjoying string cheese and cartoons. 

It takes a village, people, (not it takes the Village People because they are antiquated and weird) and last week was definitely a prime example of that. With daycare being closed and both of our work lives being so busy, we needed a lot of help. Babe's parents came on Monday and mine came on Thursday. Banj came on Friday. Buddy got a lot of attention and we got a little bit of  breathing room to answer emails as needed. 

I took Buddy to the museum. 

We took the train and she liked it. 

She always says to me: I love you so much, Mama. 

Here's Buddy and Grampa just doing some gardening. 

Yeah. Gardening. 

Did I mention that Babe went to Texas for three days last week and my work hosted a live mayoral debate on television? Oh right. So anyways, one night me and Buddy went to LBC to see our pals. 

Another night I took her on a date to CPK. That's her HANDS OFF MY SUNDAE LADY, face. 

Too bad you can't see the amazing bear Auntie is drawing in this picture. 


Baby manicure. 

Princess Army 

Fairy balloon. Man! 


Randi said...

Man I love these.

Anonymous said...

Cute pics. Buddy looks more and more like her dad. Love, dad and grandpa