Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Misc. Misc. Items

  • You know what's super funny about my sexy beautiful watch that Husband got for me for my Christmas? It leaves me with a watch tan. That's very professional. So, I am switching arms for the time being. It's super rough, you guys, tanning in seconds like I do.
  • Buzzfeed is an awesome website for cool pictures of stuff. These creepy and beautiful pictures show "abandoned" places in the world. Do yourself a favor, click the link
  • Per BFF's excellent suggestion, Babe and I took in End of Watch the other evening. This cop drama shows two young police officers driving around USC I mean South Central Los Angeles fighting crime. I loved it. I also bawled my face off. There's your fair warning.
  • People gave and got a lot of flack for changing their Facebook pic to support marriage equality. (I read somewhere it's called "slacktivism.") I say, haters always got to hate. I did it to show my support, for one and because there are some crazy people in my Facebook feed who do remain hidden but should have to see my little equal sign when they see my face, but mostly because it looks really dope to have the visual of solidarity for a cause when trolling through The Facebook. Anyways, turns out 2.7 million people changed their profile that day. Look

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Randi said...

I think it's nice to change your shit to show solidarity. It's better than nothing.