Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kinda Crazy

April is a pretty packed to the gills month, huh guys? Here are some April happenings in no particular order:

  • Camping trip (done!)
  • I have a work trip to SAC next week.
  • Babe is going to Dallas in two weeks.
  • Buddy's daycare is closed for a week.
  • I have a gala for work next week. 
  • I have two events that I am co-sponsoring this month.
  • As well as an event that I am responsible for in its entirety.
Beeday's this month
  • Jojo's today! Happy beeday Jojo!
  • My grama's next Tuesday - she will be 97!
  • Two of my nieces have beedays this month!
Luckily, our weekends are fairly chill so that will give us time to hang out. And I'm super excited for Buddy's week off - just means days off from work when its so busy. 

1 comment:

Randi said...

I have a wedding thingy on Saturday, your house on Sunday, Casey's surgery on Tuesday, my doctor on Thursday then - GOD WILLING - not a thing. xoxo