Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy beeday, Grama!

Happy birthday to my Grama who turns 97 today. 
I just noticed - I think I try to make this face when I take pictures, in order to look hot and mysterious. Yeah, I don't think it works but looking at this picture it is clear to me that I have been trying, unsuccessfully to emulate this look of my Grama's. 

Well played, Grama. Well played indeed.

And here's my Grama just the other day when my want to visit her. 
Still mysterious. 



Ang said...

you do make that face dude...haha!

Randi said...


Jessicurl said...

Damn! That is one lovely lady.

Ma said...

That was a nice tribute to your Grandma.
She sure was pretty wasn`t she.
One thing about her is she has always had a sense of humor.
She always tells me, "you have to laugh, Paula".
Thanks again, Cod.
Love, Ma