Monday, April 08, 2013

Camping Weekend Pics

Many thanks to HL for sharing his pics from the neatest camping trip ever. You will likely be able to see more of them here, when he updates

This kind of cuteness was what I had to deal with the whole weekend. Wide smiles, delighted eyes, happy faces. I am telling you. Camping is literally made for toddlers. Dirt, bugs, flowers, open space, no noise restrictions, marshmallows, late bedtimes, no bath. Forget it. It's like Christmas Day, a candy store, birthday cake and a bouncy house all rolled into one. 

My little family. 

The camping crew at Santa Margarita Lake! 

*** My pics are below, but because there was no cell service I had my phone off the whole weekend. Another incredible feeling associated with camping! ***

Clouds sitting on hills on the 101 in SLO. 

Buddy in the wild. Gorgeous, right? 

Buddy patiently watching her dad set up the tent. 

Enough all ready with the beauty. 


Randi said...

Very nice! Babe's hat is the real winner here.

Christine said...

Yay! So glad to hear camping is do-able with a toddler - Alex will be thrilled! Also, pics are ADORABLE!