Monday, April 29, 2013

Wknd Pics and Pics from last week - totally out of order like my life

Last week, Buddy the lounger was on vacay from daycare. Which translated into the best week ever. Also, one of the busiest weeks I've had at work to date, but whatever right? We'll sleep when we're dead. Here she is enjoying string cheese and cartoons. 

It takes a village, people, (not it takes the Village People because they are antiquated and weird) and last week was definitely a prime example of that. With daycare being closed and both of our work lives being so busy, we needed a lot of help. Babe's parents came on Monday and mine came on Thursday. Banj came on Friday. Buddy got a lot of attention and we got a little bit of  breathing room to answer emails as needed. 

I took Buddy to the museum. 

We took the train and she liked it. 

She always says to me: I love you so much, Mama. 

Here's Buddy and Grampa just doing some gardening. 

Yeah. Gardening. 

Did I mention that Babe went to Texas for three days last week and my work hosted a live mayoral debate on television? Oh right. So anyways, one night me and Buddy went to LBC to see our pals. 

Another night I took her on a date to CPK. That's her HANDS OFF MY SUNDAE LADY, face. 

Too bad you can't see the amazing bear Auntie is drawing in this picture. 


Baby manicure. 

Princess Army 

Fairy balloon. Man! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Haiku Friday

I had so much fun
with my sweet princess buddy
these couple of days.

We played so much! We 
laughed so hard. We had a good
time all of the time.

I have photos, too.
And I will share them, sooncome.
Probably not now. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

wknd pics one day late

Yahtzee!! I went yard sale shopping on Saturday morning - two stops, $27 dollars, fifty articles of gently used clothes. Among them? 40 dresses in buddy's size, three jackets, two brand new pairs of pants. Plus, five books and a dora bat. BOOM. 

Oh, okay very small people. You win. 

On Saturday, we went to see my niece's play. 

In which she had a lead role and sang her heart out and I wept like a child. 

Guess who became best friends this weekend? 

Buddy and Grampa. 

Oh. We also stopped at the brewery. Ha! 

Best day ever. A pic from supper club. 

Monday, April 22, 2013


Weekend pics will be tardy this week because i am off site all day. We are hosting a mayoral debate at work! Check us out on nbc at 7pm!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Haiku Friday

What a week, people.
Midweek Sacramento trip.
Huge gala last night.

Meetings every day.
Talking, talking, talking and
talking a bit more.

I have seen Buddy.
But I miss her still. I miss 
Babe the mostest though.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sometimes, I look to look back at my blog and see what I wrote about the prior year on that day. A little navel gazing if you will. For your enjoyment, I have pasted below a little glimpse at what was going on in Coodence's World five years ago today.

Five years ago:

Haiku Spring has Sprung Friday

This weather makes me
want to stay outside and play
and not work at all.

Played celebrity 
and laughed so hard I thought that
I might just pass out.

Voice is hoarse today 
and my head does hurt a bit,
but not terribly. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


In sac today for a couple of work meetings. Sure is nice here.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy beeday, Grama!

Happy birthday to my Grama who turns 97 today. 
I just noticed - I think I try to make this face when I take pictures, in order to look hot and mysterious. Yeah, I don't think it works but looking at this picture it is clear to me that I have been trying, unsuccessfully to emulate this look of my Grama's. 

Well played, Grama. Well played indeed.

And here's my Grama just the other day when my want to visit her. 
Still mysterious. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a little Princess. 
Her name was Buddy.
She was about three feet tall, with curly brown hair, brown eyes and light brown skin.

One weekend, her Auntie came to visit.
And her other Auntie. 

And her cousins. Her oldest cousin took very good care of her and drew with her and played with her hair and made sure she always had a place to sit. 

Princess Buddy was such a good girl, she was able to get an amazingtattoo of a sparkly pony. 

She rode her magical tricycle to the garage door and back, to the gate and back, again and again and again and again. 

And she caught butterflies with her new net.

The end. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Haiku Friday

It was a good week.
Pretty busy with much work.
I was lazy, too.

Mostly, I cook food.
I make dinner every night.
Except for Friday.

Not this week, not me.
Sandwiches one night, went out
another. Oh well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kinda Crazy

April is a pretty packed to the gills month, huh guys? Here are some April happenings in no particular order:

  • Camping trip (done!)
  • I have a work trip to SAC next week.
  • Babe is going to Dallas in two weeks.
  • Buddy's daycare is closed for a week.
  • I have a gala for work next week. 
  • I have two events that I am co-sponsoring this month.
  • As well as an event that I am responsible for in its entirety.
Beeday's this month
  • Jojo's today! Happy beeday Jojo!
  • My grama's next Tuesday - she will be 97!
  • Two of my nieces have beedays this month!
Luckily, our weekends are fairly chill so that will give us time to hang out. And I'm super excited for Buddy's week off - just means days off from work when its so busy. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extremely Misc. Items

  1. I just listened to an hour long presentation about fracking. Do you know what fracking is? I do.
  2. For some reason, this morning, I thought about this girl who I sat by in  my first job out of  college. All she ate was pineapple and special k. Turns out, they have a name for that. (Anorexia.)
  3. I haven't watched this video, but as you all know youtube is the best way to link to a song. I loved Thrift Shop, but I also love this song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Same Love. It always brings tears to my eyes - I make it all the way through but then nope. It gets me in the end.
  4. That's fine, right? Three is good? What with the whole pineapple special k story? 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hey Guys!

Yesterday was Babe's and Mine seventeen year anniversary. I put it on the Facebook but not here. This picture was probably taken in 2000, so we had already been together for five years at that point but it's a cool old picture from San Francisco and I thought you'd like it.

Thanks Babe for sticking with me! 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Camping Weekend Pics

Many thanks to HL for sharing his pics from the neatest camping trip ever. You will likely be able to see more of them here, when he updates

This kind of cuteness was what I had to deal with the whole weekend. Wide smiles, delighted eyes, happy faces. I am telling you. Camping is literally made for toddlers. Dirt, bugs, flowers, open space, no noise restrictions, marshmallows, late bedtimes, no bath. Forget it. It's like Christmas Day, a candy store, birthday cake and a bouncy house all rolled into one. 

My little family. 

The camping crew at Santa Margarita Lake! 

*** My pics are below, but because there was no cell service I had my phone off the whole weekend. Another incredible feeling associated with camping! ***

Clouds sitting on hills on the 101 in SLO. 

Buddy in the wild. Gorgeous, right? 

Buddy patiently watching her dad set up the tent. 

Enough all ready with the beauty. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Haiku friday

We are going out.
Out of doors I mean - camping.
On our way right now.

Subaru is packed
with enough gear to last us
for maybe two weeks.

Yup, just two days though.
But whatever happens dude.
We will be ready.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A walk home

As soon as we got the time change back, I started walking to get Buddy from daycare again. It's a ten minute walk from my house to daycare. It's a 30 minute walk home. Buddy likes to stop and smell every flower, and name every color she sees. Every time she sees a "balance beam" she needs to test her balance. She likes to climb trees and walk backwards. Easily one of the 47 highlights of my days with her. 

Misc. Misc. Items

  • You know what's super funny about my sexy beautiful watch that Husband got for me for my Christmas? It leaves me with a watch tan. That's very professional. So, I am switching arms for the time being. It's super rough, you guys, tanning in seconds like I do.
  • Buzzfeed is an awesome website for cool pictures of stuff. These creepy and beautiful pictures show "abandoned" places in the world. Do yourself a favor, click the link
  • Per BFF's excellent suggestion, Babe and I took in End of Watch the other evening. This cop drama shows two young police officers driving around USC I mean South Central Los Angeles fighting crime. I loved it. I also bawled my face off. There's your fair warning.
  • People gave and got a lot of flack for changing their Facebook pic to support marriage equality. (I read somewhere it's called "slacktivism.") I say, haters always got to hate. I did it to show my support, for one and because there are some crazy people in my Facebook feed who do remain hidden but should have to see my little equal sign when they see my face, but mostly because it looks really dope to have the visual of solidarity for a cause when trolling through The Facebook. Anyways, turns out 2.7 million people changed their profile that day. Look

Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Feaster Weekend Pictures

On Friday, we usually go on a little family date after work. We went to Pitfire Pizza because the food is good and they are nice to children. We made this little family out of the clay they provide there. Dada has kind of a butt chin but otherwise I'd say it looks pretty good. 

On Saturday, we went to a baby birthday party at the park so Buddy could run off some of that energy that she has simmering around inside of her. The party was cute though I'm not a huge fan of those sorts of things. Anyways, the parents made these ridiculously cool Jello shots for the kids. Just kidding, they're not shots. 

Every once in a while Buddy digs out her old chicken halloween costume and puts it on. Sort of funny that she did so before finding her easter basket! She ate that candy like we were going to take it from her. It was cute and hilarious. 

She loved her basket that Babe put together for her. She took out all the toys and lined them up and then put them back in. I love it when she does stuff like that. 

And she danced around with the basket, too. 

Neat that my whole family can fit around our new dining room table! Easter Feaster was a blast! 

Beautiful flowers my mom and dad gave me to decorate my table.