Monday, March 25, 2013


Whoa! Look at that new table! We got it for a song on craigslist. I mean, kind of a long song, but still! We got the table, five chairs and the bench for less than what a table alone would cost. I love it. Come over! 

So, too bad the California Golden Bears suck at every sport. But, we tried to get in the spirit for the March Madness tourney. I *think* this is my favorite pic from the weekend. 

A little lunch time coloring. 

Buddy wearing all the bracelets. 

The look. 

Rad! We went on date night on Saturday, courtesy of daycare! And we checked out this bar because you know, we used to live around the corner from West 4th and Jane. 

Sunday was zoo day. Here's a gross giraffe tongue. 

Selfie of my little family. 

Hey Mr. Elephant! 


 These next three are courtesy of BFF
My little family on the train. 

Climbing trees. 

Whoa. Giraffe tongue face. 

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Randi said...

She's so fucking cute. There. There's my f-bomb. GOOD!