Monday, March 11, 2013

Tahoe Weekend Pics

We took a trip to Lake Tahoe on Thursday and returned home yesterday. It was very fun and the traveling was super easy. Buddy is such a good girl. Here she is in the airport people watching. 

And here she is making faces while dada installs the car seat at 9:45 pm in Sacramento. The drive up was easy though and all things considered the trip was a snap. 

Mostly, the weekend was about how cute these two girls are. 


Snow angels. 

Buddy + snow = cute and awesome. 

Making snowballs. 

View from the pad. 


With Uncle Oi. 

Snowball fight. 

Knee deep. 


Thanks to LL for these dope pics. Thanks to the guys for making this dope hill for this kids to sled down. 


Oh, yeah and for Babe. 


Randi said...


Christine said...

A) There is nothing cuter than kids in snowsuit. Nothing.
B) Buddy looks exactly like her dad in that first pic!
C) I have always wanted to go sledding. Or whatever that disk-thingy is called!
D) Looks like lots of fun!

Genevieve said...

Fun, fun times, yo. DEFINITELY we should make this annual.

Hung said...

So fun kicking it with you guys. Love how Sasha says "uppie."