Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Misc. Items

  • Missed you guys yesterday, due to a sick day! Sorry about that. I was taking care of her highness, but also have a cold myself so that was kind of lame. I am back at work now where I can rest. Ha!
  • We are going to Tahoe on Thursday for the weekend. I am pretty excited to see buddy in the snow. Perhaps I will take my real camera and get real pictures of her playing? Doubtful.
  • I am drinking tea with honey in it. And I sound like a sniffly kid. Yick. I had to put someone on hold so I could blow my nose. Ha!
  •  Does anyone else who has an iphone "lose" their voicemails? Mine disappear and the only way I can access them is by calling in to my phone. So weird.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Yes, my iphone voicemail is horrendous! Jason has never had such problems though. I typically hate checking voicemails, so it's a grand excuse to not check them as quickly as I should.