It was just my 'magination...

I started listening to a book on tape (I mean CD, whatever) last week and it has improved my commute immensely  If you know me, and I think you do or else why would you be here?, you know I love to read. I seriously love libros. Libros of all kinds.

Good, bad, trash, Pulitzer prize winning. Give me your vampire fiction, your snotty literary recommendations, your hot new book written by a Brooklynite named Jonathan. Give me your Toni Morrison, your Barbara Kingsolver, your Laurell K. Hamilton.

It's true that it's one of the things I was concerned about when I decided to become a mommy - how will I get my reading in? I remember being on an airplane once, and I sat down and opened a book (I think it was Barbara Kingsolver's Bean Trees? It was that long ago.) Anyways, at the end of the flight, this woman who was sitting behind me with her two little ones said, I can't imagine being able to sit down and read a whole book on a flight. I nearly wept for her.

And it's true. I can no longer read on flights. Or do anything, really, except entertain the Buddy. But I have definitely been able to carve out time to read. My TV life has suffered, though, and that's not great because you know I like to be up on my shows, too.

Where's all the going?

Right, the book on tape.

So, my sibling loaned me a book on tape by Barbara Kingsolver, called Flight Risk. I have never heard of it, but having read every single Kingsolver fiction novel, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

It's pretty incredible to be driving and reading at the same time. I just roll along the 10 and listen to her describe the scene. Next thing you know, I'm at work, putting my make up on in the parking garage listening to her tell her story. I'm not sure if I would recommend this book, per se. I'm only on the third CD and I have no idea where this is going. But I definitely recommend the book on tape phenomenon.

Wow, long post.


Randi said…
You read with your ears like a blind person.
Christine said…
I just saw that Kingsolver book the other day and I thought about getting it. Good to know the "tape" is good too. I think your local library might also have MP3s of books you can "borrow" on their website, too!

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