Thursday, March 21, 2013

Elevator inspiration

Our elevator at work has one of those screens so you can be entertained for the 35 seconds it takes to get to your floor. God forbid you be alone with your thoughts, I say!

Anyways, this morning it had this idea that I already completely agree with so I was super glad to see it listed there:

Spend your money on experiences rather than things, because stuff breaks and experiences get better with the telling. 

Or something like that. 

I couldn't agree more. 

Babe and I have a long list of things we need, but never get. Like a new knife set and a portable dishwasher and a gosh darn rug to replace the ugly brown one in the living room. We haven't bought a DVD or a CD in years, unless is Pearl Jam or Cinderella. 

But we spend money on going out to dinner and lunch and going to Tahoe and on gas for weekend getaways. 

And BEER, of course. 


Randi said...

We need so many new things but instead we spend money on the ER and going to Michigan repeatedly.

Ang said...

very true dude...guess i should stop buying cool haus & baked goods, and save for a trip to hawaii or something...haha!