Wednesday, February 06, 2013


I saw this on the facebook and thought it was somewhat interesting, therefore, I share it with you:

"No authoritarian authority exists that determines whether a given word is valid or bogus. In any language, there's a complex and imperfect vetting procedure; at least in English, most serious writers agree on the correct or preferred form of a word that is one of two or more variants or on whether a word is acceptable at all.

1. Administrate
2. Commentate
3. Dimunition
4. Exploitive
5. Firstly
6. Heighth
7. Irregardless
8. Miniscule
9. Orientate
10. Participator
11. Preventative
12. Societal
13. Supposably
14. 'Til
15. Undoubtably
So, here are my thoughts:

They left off a few:
  • Boughten (I had already boughten in)
  • Tooken (I would've tooken a bullet for you, man)
  • alot (my my egregiousness typo. babe had to sit me down one day and say, why do you make a lot one word? since then, you won't find it.)
But, I want to know. Does anyone really like Supposably is  a word? I have long hated the word irregardless.

There, boring but true. 


Randi said...

Supposedly. Supposably is simply a misspelling and should never be accepted. Same with Undoubtably. Stupid.
Now I'm furious.

I make up words all the time though so I can't justify my fury here.

Christine said...

I like "Supposedly", but "irregardless" drives me nuts because it means the same thing as "regardless", but with the "ir-" in there, it should mean the opposite.

Hung said...

I think it's cool when a new word is adopted and used so much it becomes "official." Maybe it should apply to words that are used incorrectly so frequently that the meaning should officially change? For example "momentarily" means "for a moment," but it's used so frequently to mean "in a moment" that maybe it just shouldn't matter?

Totally different feeling with words like "irregardless," I know what people mean, but it sounds terrible. But it also allows me to feel superior so that's fun!

Maybe I should just chillax?