Monday, February 04, 2013


Before the weekend, I took the briefest of brief business trips to the Bay Area and here is the view from my hotel room. 

On Saturday, we drove out to Redlands to check out the Hangar 24 Brewery. It was a beautiful drive. 

Hanger 24 sits adjacent to the  Redlands airport.

Here's Buddy in a hamper. 

And Buddy in the Wild. 

Beautiful Oxnard, California. I love love love driving around my hometown. 

I made Crusty's bars for the superbowl. They were beyond delicious. 

Me and all the children swinging. 

Watching TV. 


Randi said...

I love these! Yesterday was so lovely, sister. Wish I could have spent more time with you. How does that always happen?

Ang said...

did you save me a bar dude? i don't like you right now....

Christine said...

Yay! 7-layer bars! Spread the love! Also, I like Buddy in a hamper. That is all.