Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Pics

Easily one of the funniest parts of our weekend was getting a house-phone installed. Why? I don't know. It was $3 a month. I basically bought what the time warner cable guy was selling me. 

Look who was having the best day ever?
We took the train to the Science Museum to see the space shuttle. 

Pals on the train. 

That look, man. I love it. 

Me and Buddy in front of the Endeavor. 

Endeavor = unbelievable. Completely worth the trip. It will blow you mind. 

Mind = blown. 

Rad aquarium at the Science Museum. 


Buddy driving a snow mobile. 

Playing outside. 

Under this. 


Ang said...

i just want to kiss her face....i love her driving the snowmobile! i saw the endeavor when it was going to be put into the museum back in was flying around over LA...haha!

Randi said...

Hooray for superfuntymez!

Hung said...

that looks so fun