Thursday, February 21, 2013

Give me a number any number



18 things to be thankful for and that should make me happy instead of emo because sometimes things are hard.

  1. Buddy's little chicklet toes that I want to eat.
  2. Chachi's hair. Ask buddy what color hair her dada's is: Red! Orange! Red! Orange!
  3. My gorgeous locks that I do not have to dye despite being 35 years old.
  4. My beautiful watch littered with diamonds that my husband gave me for Christmas.
  5. My avon lotion that my sister thoughtfully provided for me that keeps my hands soft and smelling like sugar plum & vanilla.
  6. My nephew running after buddy and her kissing his face instead of hitting him.
  7. Coffee with cream.
  8. Steamy romance novels (libros electronicos on mi kindle? ha! thanks babe!).
  9. Grandparents who spoil buddy and give her presents and love.
  10. My view of Los Angeles.
  11. UGH 18 really? My owl cup that babe gave me for Christmas that helps me save and protect the environment instead of using paper throwaway cups every day.
  12. The cleaning lady who hasn't left us yet, but one day will decide it's just not worth it.
  13. The art buddy makes me at daycare. 
  14. The quokka - the happiest animal on earth. Just click the link already. 
  15. Staying off facebook all day.
  16. Funny coworkers.
  17. An upcoming trip to Tahoe!
  18. My new tights. 


Randi said...

Could've thrown me in there at any time... LL

Randi said...

Apparently my O decided not to join in so consider that "Laughing Loudly"

urbangirl said...

DYK: quokkas only live on a few small islands off the coast of western australia! they're super accustomed to people and will crawl right up in your lap! i have pictures to prove it cb!