Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend List

Happy Birthday, Ang! It was Ang's Birthday weekend, in addition to being MLK Jr day and the Inauguration. We had some fun. 

Birthday cake face. 

My parents just moved to Escondido where they are now blissfully close to the Stone Brewery. 

On MLK J Day, we took a trip to the rad Long Beach Aquarium where I was astonished by the sea creatures. And a little grossed out by these horse shoe crabs. 

Buddy eating pomegranate seeds. 


The two chirrun. 

Buddy's first movie!! 

Hi Mr. Sea Otter. 

Happy baby. 

Sitting peacefully. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Mama and Buddy and Jellyfish. 


Resting peacefully. 

Amazing Jellyfish 


Sorry these are so out of order and my captions are so lame. I am busy today!! 


Randi said...

I think they're just great.

Ma said...

Loved the pictures.
Glad for Auntie, she had a good birthday.
Was going to say what a cute baby she was
but I don`t want to embarrass her. Oops,guess I did.
Love, Ma

Hung said...

My take away from this was: you let her eat pomegranate seeds?! I'm way too scared of the potential for red mess.