Thursday, January 03, 2013

Numbers - 2013 edition

(Based on a similar post last year!)

Five best things about 2012 as inspiration for 2013 (in no particular order): 

  1. Getting this new job at USC.
  2. Going to BON's wedding in Brooklyn in June.
  3. Celebrating almost every birthday of each of my family members with them.
  4. Losing twenty pounds by eating better and moving more and drinking more water than anyone ever intended.
  5. The two big parties I hosted this year - Buddy's number 2 birthday and Babe's number 35 birthday. Backyard, babies, buddies.
Four general plans for 2012

  1. Keep reading, but read better books that I can talk with other people about, not the crap I've been reading.
  2. Drink less booze and even more water.
  3. Enjoy 30 minutes of activity every single day. 
  4. Try out a new skin care regiment. (HA!)
Three places I plan to go in 2013

  1. San Francisco for a solo trip, but ideally I'd like to with my little family this summer.
  2. To three Yankees games in Socal: Padres, Angels, Dodgers.
  3. Somewhere new that I've never been.
Two career goals for 2013

  1. Kick ass at this current job and really get a handle on what it means to do what I am doing.
  2. Meet with at least 3 people a week.
One change I'd like to make in 2013

  1. Save more money every month by making a budget and sticking to it. 

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