Wednesday, January 23, 2013


January has got to be one of my favorite months, hands down. I love a fresh start:  the first of the month is one of my favorite days and I even love Mondays.

What's matter with me, I know!

This month feels like a whole month full of firsts. I almost wrote this month feels like a whole month full of Mondays but then I think that doesn't sound very nice.

Let's talk through some highlights of January:

  • The inauguration which qualifies as one of the best events ever. And, for the record - I loved the first lady's dress, loved Obama's speech, and could care less if Beyonce lip synced. She's so pretty.
  • Ang's beeday which was a weekend-long free-for-all involving ice cream sandwiches and sea otters.
  • Two trips to San Francisco. One for fun and one for work next week.
  • The New Year's holiday and the MLKJ holiday, both which yield three-day weekends with which I can enjoy my little family for an extra day.
  • January brings copious amounts of dieting and self-reflection, easily two of my all-time favorite past times. I just couldn't love dieting any more than I do. Why? It's maybe the same reason I love Mondays. Cuz I am a crazy person masquerading as a sane one. Have I fooled anyone? And don't even get me started on self-reflection. Oh the lists! Oh the magic of crossing things off and setting goals for yourself that may never be achieved! 
  • Football playoffs. 
  • In addition to Martin Luther King Junior and Ang, Jan also hosts Gab's beeday. We don't usually speak of such things though. 
There! What did I miss??

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Randi said...

Take me to SF with you. It'll be like London on a smaller scale.