Thursday, January 17, 2013


Sorry about the weird, random short posts lately.

I come up with great ideas as I'm falling asleep at night then by the morning they are gone. I used to write my blog in my head on the subway on the way to work, but now I drive so I can't. Or I don't.

Did you see that the dad from Different Strokes died? Me and Ang totally used to watch that show and I always remember when the sister washed her hair with rain water and it turned her hair green because of Acid Rain. Do you remember that? Also, do you remember acid rain? That was a thing in the 80s that we feared? Sort of like the Soviet Union?

I think today is the anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake. This has been coming up a lot lately, earthquakes, and my kit is only about 10% finished. As in I have three flash lights and a jug of water.


Randi said...

Good job with the earthquake preparedness, Homeopath.

Bethany said...

Better get that livingsocial emergency pack ordered pronto!