Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Pics

Good ole Husband Mike spent all Saturday making our house look super awesome and festive to passers by! Thanks Chach! 

He asked me if I took a good picture of the house for weekend pics. 
And I said no, but I took this super creepy one of Buddy who looks like an alien standing in front of our Frosty! 
Next time, guys! 

Guess who freaking loves Christmas? 
Every time we opened an ornament she said: Oh My Goodness!! 

This is pretty much how it is now. In my house.

Despite the rain, we also played in the park on Saturday. Here's Buddy with one of her friends. 

And here's Brave Buddy climbing a ladder.

I just think she's so neat. 

Here's how we ended the weekend. With Buddy wearing her grandparent's stockings on her feet, while pretending to drink beer out of a pretend beer mug ornament, wearing ornaments as bracelets. 

And here's the tree. 

Oh. So last week, I forgot to include pictures of Buddy and GUS. Here: 


Randi said...

Best Weekend Pics of all time award goes to this post.

Ang said...

i love the one of her with the stockings on dude.

Hung said...

What a fun weekend. Xmas rocks.