Monday, December 10, 2012

Ta-da! Weekend pics

My niece is the one in the middle in the red. She did so good!

My nephew is the blurry second kid from the right. He was SO CUTE on stage dude.

Lots of children.

Look at who was in my back seat!! I love driving him around.
While I was in San Diego, Buddy was sliding.

Sunday morning we strolled around the promenade. Rough living in socal this time of year, I tell you. No coats! It's December people. 
I stinkin love my house you guys. It just looks so old timey. I mean cuz it is. Old timey. I thought this was neat because of the juxtaposition of the christmas decorations and the palm tree. Juxtaposition. Yeah, I said it.
Here's a nice picture of Buddy dressed like a princess sort of scoping out the decorations in someone else's yard. 

She sure does clean up nice though, huh?

Stop it.I can't with the coat.
She got dressed up for Babe's Christmas party. 

Where we wore masks. 

And shared our toys. 

And jumped off the furniture.  

Buddy and Dada. 


Ang said...

i love her coat!

Randi said...

Yeah dude, the red coat and the green crocs for the win.

Ma said...

I loved the pictures. The coat was so cute I looked at it over and over.
Love, Ma

Vincent said...

Sasha is owning Christmas. I love it.

BON said...

No more bear-suit for Sasha. :(

These are so cute anyway! Miss you guys!