Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looking back

I love to do the year in review! Especially focused on stupid minutiae that no one would ever care about.

With that introduction, I give you my top three in the category of super random media.

Best vampire book I read in 2012

  • Out of the fifteen or so vampire books I read in 2012, I'd have to say the best one was probably "Lover Reborn" from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. Go ahead, folks. Judge away.
Best book not about vampires that I read in 2012

  • This had to be The Alchemist, by Paolo Coehlo. This is the book that inspired me to talk about my personal journey and to understand that as long as I'm on my personal journey, I will experience happiness.
Best KROQ song of 2012

  • If you listen to KROQ, and I do, then you know they only play about 15 songs on their rotation, and this changes about quarterly. So, all told you've got about 60 songs to choose from. I'd say my favorite this year was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop. A very close second is the Mumford and Sons song I Will Wait. Let's not forget Gotye, but I won't link to it because we don't want to get that stuck in our heads, do we?
Best movie on Netflix streaming

  • I watched Super 8 on Netflix streaming and it was definitely one of the best movies I watched in 2012. Please remember that I probably only watched about a dozen movies in total this year. 
Stay tuned for another completely random list of bests of 2012. Enjoy! 

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