Wednesday, November 21, 2012


21. As we go into this holiday season, I realize how very thankful I am for butter. Delicious, full fat, full flavor butter.
22. I am equally thankful for hot coffee with half and half in it. More please!
23. I am thankful for the 8 minute commute today due to the fact that everyone is already on holiday. Holiday! I'm British.
24. I am thankful that I have 4 nieces, two nephews, three sisters, a mom and a dad, a MIL and a FIL, and no dog because Buddy fears them.
25. I am thankful for my new, burgundy, cardigan from Banana Republic and equally thankful for the 30% off coupon that made me feel okay about purchasing it. So warm!
26. Cease-fire? Thankful.
27. Obama as president? Thankful. Hillary as Secretary of State? Thankful.
28. My new Kindle Fire that I got for my beeday from my husband? Thanks!
29. I am thankful for my business card which is classy.
30. In general, I am thankful. My life is full of happiness and wonderful people. I have an adorable baby and a super nice husband. I have a safe, home with working heat, a fridge full of beer - I mean food, and a lot of friends and family. Plus a good job and terrific hair. Any complaints? Nope. I am often worried about losing five pounds - if that's my biggest problem then all I can be is thankful, thankful, thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


Randi said...

Don't lose any more of your beautiful self, you silly bitch.

Anonymous said...

There is an army of your uncles, aunt, nephews and nieces in India that I wish you would get an opportunity to meet.

Love, Dad