Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You lost your mittens, you naughty kittens. Now you shall have no pie.

So, I've been thinking about Mittens a lot lately. And I have to say, it's not so much that I hate Mitt Romney. It's that I love Barack Obama.

I hated W so much more. Like so very much. Every time he spoke, it was like nails on a chalkboard to me. I thought he was an idiot, as in not smart at all. That smirk he used to do, and that half laugh. Oh boy. I thought he was a little boy who didn't work for anything his whole life and got handed a job and that he was a puppet and Dick Cheney and Bush Senior and Karl Rove were pulling the string.

When I see Mitt Romney (Mittens), it's not that I hate him so much. I don't like him, no. I can't believe how much he lies and flip flops. And his face with its freaky botox wide eyes freak me out. But, it's like my friend emailed me this morning - he's just so mediocre. He's no Commander in Chief. He's a business man, a good one and a slimy one, indeed. He's made a TON of money (that he apparently pays little taxes on), but I don't think he's presidential material.

When I hear President Obama talk, and when I think about what he was saddled with when he took over this country and I think about the deliberate and careful way he makes decisions that will affect us all, I truly believe he is looking out for the middle class and that he will help us get better as a nation. I believe he has done a lot to win our respect back around the world - though there is a long way to go. I believe he takes his job and our problems seriously.

I don't get that impression from Mittens. When I hear tapes of him saying he'd have an easier job being elected president if he were Latino, or he says things like 47% of the United States population see themselves as victims, entitled to public support, or when he says women like to be home to cook dinner for their kids when asked about equal pay for women, I just don't feel like he's taking me seriously. (You thought I was going to bring up binders full of women, didn't you? Too easy.)

So I have just been thinking about that.


Randi said...

He's grody.

Ma said...

Had to weigh in on your blog.
When you named the guys who pulled the strings on Bush you forgot Rumsfeld.
Love, Ma

Randi said...

Your mom rocks.

Hung said...

It seems like he wasn't too bad of a guy when he was gov'nah of Mass. But to get the nomination he just hoed himself out. Seems to me that the Republicans are so far out of touch they don't stand a chance, but they've found ways to steal it before.

Hung said...

Mike's links are really Perez Hilton and TMZ?