Monday, October 08, 2012

Wknd Pics!

It was a pretty nice weekend, busy and my allergies kept me super under the weather a lot of the weekend, but we still managed to have a good time! We celebrated Dr. B's birthday and this was his neat cake. Neat, right?  
On Friday, Buddy's daycare had a little pizza night so all the parents could meet. This is Buddy sitting by her best friend eating chips and carrots. 

This is Buddy eating ice cream with two spoons at the Abbot Kinney Street fair. She is quite distracted by the  dogs who were to her left, but she is being very brave. 

Buddy on my shoulders at the street fair. 

I see you! 

Cyclops buddy. 

PCH drive home was lovely. 

Dr. B blowing out his candles! 


Randi said...

How come I didn't actually see you at B's party? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline:

Buddy has growed so much and looks so cute. I hope she can recognize us this weekend.

Dr. Brad, another year gone by. Belatedly, I hope you had a good one. Best wishes.

Love to all,