Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Pics

We celebrated my sister Sunny's Beeday this weekend! Happy beeday sister Sunny! We went to the Stone Brewery for lunch on Sunday and I do believe, if I'm not mistaken, that it is the happiest place on earth? 

Does this need a caption?
Well, here goes.
Buddy is playing dress up here. And her hair is so big. And I love her so much. 

Buddy is big into gardening these days. 

I was surprised and flummoxed to receive this in the mail the other day. I opened up the box from Amazon and thought what is this? Is it moisturizer? It is silver polish??
It's cherries, in booze. A gift from the baby of long-time blog reader "Anonymous" who lives out in Cranford, NJ and hopefully isn't under water.
Thanks guys!! Thanks to your baby for sending these delicious cherries. I laughed and laughed and laughed. We will eat them over ice cream. 

Look at sweet pea's serious face? She loved the carousel. Did I cry? Maybe. 

My nephew, the O-man, is the happiest baby on earth. Seriously. 

Why you so sleepy big kitten?
We went to the wild animal park. (Buddy loved it.) 

My sister sent this pic of my sweet nieces all dressed up for Halloween. Look at the ice cream cone in the middle? I will eat her. 


Randi said...

Fantastic photos!!!

Ma said...

Loved all the pictures, Cod.
I know Buddy wanted to see the lions but all they ever seem to be doing is sleeping at least when we go there.
Love, MA

Christine said...

Princess Buddy totally made my day! SUPER CUTE!