Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow: on the theme of Buddy

Today is Pajama Day at daycare and all of the kids are wearing their PJS. Buddy was so excited when she got ready this morning. She opted for the birdie, feetie pajamas. And when we got to daycare, we walked in the gate and she screamed LOOK AT ME!!! It was super cute, guys. Super cute.

Yesterday, Babe got Buddy a nightlight. It shines a picture of Dora onto the cieling of her bedroom. Could she love it anymore? Nope, I don't think so. When I went and got her this morning at 6am, she pointed to it and screamed DADA DORA BOOTS MAMA! There's a whole lot of yelling when you have a two year old.

Tomorrow, you will see many, many pics of Buddy dressed as an owl! That's right! She's going to be an owl for Halloween. Yeah! Yeah! And you know who's going to be screaming? ME.

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Randi said...

Casey loves his nightlight that shines the constellations on the ceiling because it is round like a ball and he can twirl it around when he is supposed to be asleep. LOL