Tuesday, October 02, 2012


For the longest time, I was an on and off coffee drinker. Sure, I loved the taste, but I never really had a habit. When I got pregnant back in '09, it wasn't a hardship for me to give it up. When I had the Buddy, I was slow to bring it back in my life because I was nursing and because I found I didn't really need it.

Then, I got so tired. Man oh man, did I ever get tired.

Basically when Buddy was about one (and when we moved here), I started to have a delicious cup at home every morning. Many days, the Buddy and I would go to Tanners for another cup.

I started working at UCLA and they had that free Starbucks machine I told you about. So, a cup at home in the morning and then a free Starbucks cup.

Now, at my new gig, they don't have a free Starbucks machine. (The hell you say!) They do have the k-cups which are good in a pinch, but you know the real reason I drink coffee is the delicious creamy goodness of half and half, and all they have here is coffee mate.

Anyways, so this building has a Starbucks on the ground floor. (Incidentally, I spent my entire 20s boycotting Starbucks  not for any reason really, more the inertia of boycotting. once you start, its difficult to stop. I finally broke the seal by buying my dad Starbucks gift cards for father's day. He likes to walk to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee during the day.)

Wow, digress much?

So, I have been at this job not quite four weeks and have been to Starbucks probably 2 times a week? Not too bad, right? So what if they already know my name and my beverage of choice? (Medium iced coffee, unsweetened with room for cream, if you're buying.)

So, today, my first trip in October, yes I realize it's the 2nd, I bought a $20 gift card. My goal is the make this last for the month of October? Yeah, right,  huh?


Randi said...

I try to allow myself a Starbucks fancy drink once a week. When I brew at home, Starbucks. Here at work? Folgers. Starbucks is way better than Folgers.

Ang said...

you go to starbucks more than i do now dude...haha!

Hung said...

Never was a coffee drinker til Huelan came along. now almost every day, whether at home or out. Same deal with the anti starbucks sentiment; now I am over it and have the starbucks app on my phone- GREAT I tell you. Plus they have free wifi for days, which is perfect for getting work done before I come home and it's hopeless. Tried 5hour energy once and was totally tweaked.