Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Three Day Wknd Pics

I took Buddy to the park on Saturday afternoon. Here she is swinging in her funny, funny glasses.

I am finally training for my boob walk, so I took two hour long walks with my neighbor friends and their giant dogs. Here's Captain Jack Sparrow taking a breather.

Putting my kid to work.

We went to Olivera Street and got buddy a guitar!!

We also ate a lot of cookies.

Here are some sandals at Olivera Street.

Oh boy. This was so much fun!!! At the Ralph's.

Buddy playing with her grandparents.

Buddy eating cake at the happy birthday party.

Cool growler that the in-laws brought from Hanger 24 Brewery in Redlands.


Randi said...

you had a way funner weekend than me. whomp whomp

Ang said...

i love her upside down sunglasses.