Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Misc. Incredibly Boring Updates

  1. i noted where i parked today in my work parking garage via text message and photograph to myself, after having to drive around parking garage 4 on campus for 8 minutes with a kid named Andrew, who didn't have class until 2pm. He had been looking for parking for 20 minutes so was feeling rather desperate. 
  2. i attended this morning  one of two benefit orientations, this one focused on becoming a card carrying member of the trojan family.
  3. i am in love with my dress. just in love with it. this is the dress
  4. it is sort of cool out and seems like its going to rain.
  5. my sibling and the kids are coming up this weekend, so i'm glad. i really want to see my niece and nephews. and my sister of course! 
  6. i sang the golden bears fight song today while walking through campus.

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Randi said...

I really, really like that dress.