Monday, August 06, 2012

Wknd Pics!

I thought about my Granny a lot this weekend because she's not doing so well. Here she is the last time I saw her, more than a year ago holding the Buddy. Heh. Buddy.
On Friday after daycare, we went to GUS's parents to play on the swing. They also have a trampoline in their backyard. As you know, Buddy is completely fearless. This is her first time on a grown up swing and she loved it. Obviously it was 2 inches from the ground, but still!

This is Buddy and GUS's mom playing music together.

We had a bar b que and all of the parents who came left their children's shoes behind. Sign of a good BBQ? I think so.

Here's Miss Perfect Posture eating Sun Chips watching the Olympics.


Ang said...

i love the pic of her with maureen! so cute!

Randi said...

I really can't love weekend pics more than I do.