Thursday, August 02, 2012


Moving from NYC to California, obviously one of the biggest changes was going from having no car to having a car. Leaving behind an excellent and affordable (and safe) public transportation system to having almost no option for public transportation (that's not quite true). 

Anyways, it was important for me to keep us walking as much as possible because that is my favorite form of exercise. We found a daycare for Buddy that is a ten minute walk from my house. One day a week, I walk her there and three days a week I walk her home. 

Every day, I take a 20 - 30 minute walk at lunch. And I try to take two ten minute walks also during the day. I set a little alarm on my calendar. Because really? Who doesn't need to stretch a little bit after sitting at a desk all day long? It certainly helps that I work on a breathtakingly beautiful campus. 

On the weekends, we walk to coffee and the store. We also just go for walks on the Culver City bike trail. The weather is always nice and buddy loves to be in her stroller and looking around.

Now that she is getting bigger, I like to let her walk a little bit too. And of course, she loves it. So, on my Thursday mornings when I walk her to daycare, we go to the corner and she walks in front of me. Here is she is this morning.With Barbie.


Randi said...

So adorable.
And me writing this tells you I didn't die at Zumba. Or poop.

Hung said...

from the FB pic looks like Barbie has bell bottoms.