Thursday, August 30, 2012


As you may know, Buddy's day care is closed and my job doesnt start til next week. How genius is that?

So, this week we're on vacaciones juntos!

On Monday, we played played played and went up to Ox for the evening so Buddy could play with Queso and I could chill with BFF. It took us less than an hour to get and the drive was epically beautiful.

On Tuesday, we ate through two plums but we were still hungry.

(a very hungry caterpillar, anyone?)

Tues we were home by 11 and we watched Dora and took a nap.

Yesterday we walked to the library and played there. We also took a dip in the kiddie pool. And went to the park and got popsicles.

Today I think we're gonna head over to the Farmer's Market to walk around for awhile.

Maybe this all sounds very boring to you. To me it has literally been the best week ever.

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Randi said...

We were so glad you included us in your best week ever! Did you actually eat plums from our tree?