Monday, August 20, 2012

Los fotos de la fin de la semana

Buddy has a tendency to hang on to stuff. Ha! That's not true. But she loves to hold her posse when she falls asleep and this time, she also wanted to hold her water.

My first time to a game at Petco Park! We had great seats and the Padres won! There were so many Giants fans there, like maybe half?

We took Ben for his beeday. He likes making this face. Cuz he's 7.

Me and Ben.

Me and Babe at the game.

Me and my cute nephew.

Auntie and Ben.
Boy, was it super hot in San Diego this weekend! And all over Southern California. So, my Ma watched Buddy while we took Ben to the game. And here she is, enjoying her little boat.

She has so much fun in San Diego, playing with her cousins and aunties and grama and grampa.

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