Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wknd Pictures & Numbers

This picture isn't even from the weekend. On Thursday, I took a mental health day to take care of Buddy who had a cold. One of the best things in my life ever is that on weekends or random days, I get to take a nap with Buddy. She usually sleeps for about two hours in her crib, alone, but sometimes, she'll wake up after only an hour. In which case, I bring her to my bed and she sleeps next to me for another hour or so. This is her when she woke up, playing with stickers on her footie. 

This weekend, Samoi came to town. We stayed up LATE on Friday night, drinking some beers and playing some darts. I probably took this pic somewhere around 1:30 or 2:00 in the morning. Did Buddy wake up at 6am? You betcha! Was I up with her, playing and watching Yo Gabba Gabba? You got that right! 

This is Buddy, in a box. To me, she looks like an emo youngster (12? 13) from  Brooklyn. 

Here's princess Buddy right before she goes into the Pacific Ocean for the first time. You heard me. We've been here one year. What is a matter with us? I don't know. 

Buddy's little toesies in the water. We spent about two hours at the beach on Sunday morning and had a wonderful time. 

Buddy and Papa going in for round 2 in the ocean! 

For Buddy's second birthday, we bought her a little kitchen. It took her papa like four hours to put together. But so far, totally worth it!! 


Randi said...

I can't wait til these are all hipsterized.

Ma said...

I loved the pictures, Cod.
Sasha looks like she really loves the water.
Love, Ma

Jessicurl said...

Buddy's curls are out of this world! Is that Mother's beach in Marina del Rey?

Anonymous said...

beers and darts!? we are so going to be your new couple best friends. we had a dart board hanging on our kitchen door but it has fallen off.. too heavy for the door...