Monday, July 02, 2012

Wknd pics

Big ups to the LBC clan for the sandbox. Not sure how I feel about purple sand all over the house, but I can tell you one thing. The kid loves it. So, it's totally worth it.

My neat backyard with my dad sitting in it. Turns out, this backyard can hold about 25 adults and 11 kids plus a taco guy and still have room to hang out.

Me and the O-man.

The kids.


Nav and Ang

Cake!! Happy 2 years buddy!!

These kids really got along together. It's because they are super independent and have no need for supervision whatsoever.

Possibly my favorite picture of the last several years. These kids are crazy. And get them all together and it is a laugh riot. If you are asking yourself, is Buddy in a Princess costume? The answer is yes. She got a Rapunzel doll that has this matching dress. There you go.

Thanks to Ang for a lot of these pics!

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