Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Pics!

It was a fun weekend full of a lot of different things. I'm working on re-organizing different parts of the house. Now that we've been here a year, things are starting to pile up in places you can't really see, and I hate that. So, on Saturday I cleaned out the shoe closet, which also has all the hats and scarves that we surely won't be needing anymore. Here's buddy in her apple had that Max made her a year and a half ago.

We went to our pal's dad's memorial in Pasadena. It was lovely and sad. Here are the LBChildren looking all super cute though.

Saturday night was date night!! Wow. Thanks, Auntie! We went out to the Lazy Ox Canteen downtown. There, we ate the best meal (really? I think so.) since we moved out here. It was delicious. They had this dope mural on the wall outside the bano.

Close up of the Jesus Ox.

Sunday was our usual bit of fun and chores. In the AM, we all went to our friend's house who were housesitting with a pool and played in the pool. Then Auntie had to leave and it wad time for Family Nap. After Family Nap, we rolled to the grocery store. Here's buddy in the cart. She put this on herself, I didn't do it.

She's so loud.

I love her.

Auntie and Buddy.

Babe called me into the bedroom, because Buddy had put herself in a bag. 


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Ang said...

i love her in the bag!