Thursday, July 26, 2012

USC, UCLA and UC Berkeley

  • As much as it pains me to think I might end up working at USC, I nevertheless really want this job I've been interviewing for (for which I've been interviewing). I spoke with my-guy-on-the-inside yesterday and he said it's between me and one other person. I am more qualified, but the other guy has a "relationship" with the school/with the peeps/with more people than me. So, I'm obviously not giving up but I'm definitely going into this one fighting tooth and nail. 
  • As much as I adore working at UCLA with its rolling hills, ocean breezes and public school edge, I am delighted to report that I only have three and a half more weeks in this current gig. I have a lot of work to do lately, which helps immensely. But this job was just "not a fit" and that is all I will say. Unless I talk with you over the phone, then you will hear an earful. Ha!
UC Berkeley
  • Babe and I finally bit the bullet and purchased lifetime memberships to the Cal Alumni Association. It feels great to officially be a part of the community and to pay some dues to Cal. I also got a cool key ring. Ha!

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Welcome to the CAA!