Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Weekend Pictures

Here's my too cool nephew BenBen in the pool!

We went down for the O-Man's 1 year birthday. He's turning 1 on Friday!!

My supermodel niece The Nav.

Papa and Buddy splashing around in the pool. Thanks to Ang for these pics!

YAY ORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sometimes, Buddy (Mowgli)  ignores Auntie when Auntie first comes over.

And then gives her the poop eye when she does look at her.

Navi and Buddy holding hands, shredding my heart into hundreds of pieces.

This was the sunset on Thursday night! I didn't do anything to the colors!! NEAT, right?

Here's my requisite beer picture. No weekend in San Diego would be complete without one.


Randi said...

Hand-holidng will END ME!

Sam said...

Yes, the first hand-holding is always the heart-melter....More tomatoes?