Tuesday, July 17, 2012


  1. Just completed my fourth interview for this job at USC. It went okay. Not as great as the first three, but not at all bad. Just the waiting game now, and hopefully they still want me to come in for the fifth interview.
  2. Today is my one year anniversary of living in this house! We moved in on July 17, 2011. We have renewed our lease and hopefully will live in this house for another two years. 
  3. My current position at UCLA Law ends one month from today. It has been an experience. I like the people I work with (mostly) and I love working at UCLA. And the benefits of the job are terrific. But, I won't be sorry to not work there anymore.
  4. If I don't get the USC gig, I still have consulting work to do for them. At least a couple of months worth. And I have two more consulting opportunities that I can capitalize on. Hopefully I get the job, though!
  5. I have raised $1,545 towards my goal of $1,800 for the 39 mile walk I am doing with my sisters in September. As a team, we are at $4,530 or 84% of our goal. Please consider donating by clicking here. If you have already, thank you a million times over! If you haven't, why not donate to the team?! Every $5 gift helps!

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Hung said...

FIFTH interview?! Who do these guys think they are?