Thursday, July 05, 2012


  • How was your fourth of July? Ours was very chill and very fun. We went over to Fridays to hang out with BFF and her familials. Buddy was a little under the weather but she took it pretty easy over at BFF's and we had a really nice day. We got home in no time (like an hour?) and we watched a million different fireworks go off all over our neighborhood.
  • I'm closing out this job here at UCLA. I have two reports due in the next month in addition to my day to day work. But, the lady I was covering for came back from maternity leave and I'm definitely a little redundant. It's not a bad feeling, truth be told. I can focus on getting my next gig.
  • I have a third interview for this job at USC next week. I really hope it works out. I have the highest confidence in myself, but you just can't account for the competition. If the guy I'm up against has more experience it doesn't really matter how smart, funny and competent I am. I will keep you posted.
  • It's overcast and gloomy here. It certainly doesn't feel like July. 
  • Buddy doesn't really wear clothes at home anymore, just a diaper. So we call her Mowgli, you know from the Jungle Book. So, Mowgli is sitting next to me while I'm typing.

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Ang said...

i miss mowgli....:(