Thursday, July 19, 2012


  • Am going to try something new today on this blog for a change.
  • Blogging has always been one of my favorite past times. I used to blog every single weekday without fail, but now it's more like four days a week.
  • California weather is absolutely incredible. Really, today is such an amazing day. I wish we didn't have to work and could all play outside today.
  • Don't you?
  • Even if we could just take a half day.
  • Fantastic Fridays, that's what they used to call them at my first job out of college. You got to leave half day in the summer.
  • Geez, that feels like a long time ago.
  • Haven't worked or lived in San Francisco since 2002.
  • I liked it in the Bay, and when we first got to NYC we always figured we'd move back there. Maybe we will.
  • Just joking, guys! I'm all SoCal all the time from now on. I like being close to my family.
  • Know what I mean? I mean the bay area is full of my family, too. I'm lucky that most of those kids (you kids if you're reading this) have your families down in SoCal. 
  • Looks like I lied, by the way, on Tuesday. That wasn't our one year anniversary in that house. It was actually on Wednesday, July 18.
  • My bad, folks. 
  • Not so trustworthy, I guess. You guys know I make shit up all the time.
  • Ori's beeday is tomorrow!! I can't wait to incorporate "Omanistan" into my haiku.
  • Put a little picture of him up, too. 
  • Quite the cutie baby, O-man. I love him. He has the smallest little feeties. 
  • Really, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have so many wonderful and crazy cute nieces and nephews. Being an auntie is the cat's pajamas.
  • So, I should update you on the job search. I did pretty well in my last interview (thank god they gave me some feedback, I really had no idea), and now the final hoop has been set up for me to jump through. A meeting with the dean in three weeks. 
  • Three weeks to just work and enjoy the summer. It's going by lightning quick.
  • Usually, I'm not one to say stuff like that. I try to live in the present and I think time passes as at normal speed. But, now I'm telling you the summer if flying by. 
  • Very shortly it will be fall.
  • We've got about six weeks left. Make the most of it, kids!
  • Xylophone.
  • Yeah, I thought that was funny. I read a lot of ABC books and boy you would think the xylophone is as prominent in life as, say, an apple or a bear. Speaking of a bear, I think a trip to the
  • zoo this summer would be awesome.

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Randi said...

This was a very, very good blog post.

Come to the zoo with us, b-word!