Monday, June 11, 2012

Wknd Photos

Clearly, this weekend's photos were not taken by me. BFF took them, except for one below taken by Babe. Here's Buddy's shoe.

Here's princess at the Farmer's market with her fancy hair do.

This is me, staring in disbelief at what you'll see below.

Ever seen anything like this? I haven't. Boy, do I stink at darts.

Here's the two kiddos/bebes playing together soo good!! Yeah, they are besties, too.
Someone has been eating blackberry pie at the Farmer's Market!!!!!


Ang said...

i love the last pic!

Randi said...

Funnest weekend in a looong time, yo!

Michele said...

How did you manage to do that with the darts?!?

Hung said...

you guys are real cute