Tuesday, June 12, 2012


  • I have a feeling it is going to take me all day to get this blog post written. I've had the blank post open for at least one hour so far.
  • This past weekend was dreamy. Dreamy I say! Friday night, we watched two episodes of Friday Night Lights! We've watched the show before, but not for awhile, and only once. I am not kidding when I say top five shows ever to show its face on TV.
  • Saturday we took it easy all day and did Babe and Cod and Buddy stuff. Like, I went to the mall for a bit and then about six garage sales. We took a wee bike ride. I played with Buddy. We took family nap. It was glorious. 
  • The Fridays came over and we played Dart (just one) and had a campfire and told stories. It was too much fun.
  • On Sunday, we went to the Farmer's Market and ate delicious food. Me and Babe shared a breakfast burrito, and buddy had some too! We also got one blackberry pie that was to die for. 
  • We then drove down to Hemet to see the In Laws. It was a quick one hour and a half each way! Nice. 
  • We got home at 8:25 and were literally asleep by 8:35. Wow. What a weekend! 


Randi said...

The blueberry crumble is also amazing.

Ang said...

you'll have to point me in the direction of the blackberry pie this weekend dude....