Wednesday, June 06, 2012


  1. This past weekend, I spent some time with my four girls from college.
  2. Me and three girls and a baby took a drive up from San Francisco to Humboldt, California. That drive takes about 5 and a half hours. It definitely took us more like eight. We were pretty rowdy, even though our demeanor is usually so prim and proper. 
  3. We drove over the Golden Gate bridge and up the 101. It was epic and beautiful.
  4. We got to Humboldt sometime around 3 in the morning. Honest to god. We of course partied a bit, met the tiny 8 week old sweet pea (that's one of the nice things about visiting newborns and their parents, they are always up!), and mom, dad and bebe went to bed around 4. We stayed up a little bit longer.
  5. On Saturday, we had some real sad shit to deal with, and the baby's daddy had to take off to be with his family, so we dealt in the way we know best. We cooked for the first half of the day, then ate for the second half. We talked and laughed and walked and cooked and drank and ate. We held the babies, we sang a lot of songs, we took a lot of pictures, we reminisced, and made new memories.
  6. On Sunday, we began our journey home. Journeying with two babies, one only two months old is no joke. I'm sure glad we were there to help tootsie out. We loaded up her car, cleaned up the pad and rolled down the 101. We got about an hour and a half before we stopped the first time. Ha! Then, another hour and a half before we stopped the second time. We were able to cruise through the next three or so hours without stopping. We got to just before the golden gate at about 4:30, and we had just about an hour to get to the airport. GUS drove us as if she were the getaway driver, and we made it to the San Francisco airport at 5:45. A smooth hour and ten before we needed to fly away. Perfect! 
  7. Of course, our plane was delayed. We were delayed about an hour and a half, so we had some dinner and decompressed a bit. 
  8. All in all, I was home at 11pm on Sunday night. About 13 hours after I had left Humboldt. 13 hours - never leaving the state of California. 
  9. The trip was unforgettable. Sad, brilliant, happy, funny. The five of us girls haven't been together like that since college, or maybe the year after. That woulda been about 2000, so you know. It's been awhile. 


Randi said...

That's a trip, girl!

watchlab said...

well put, long distance high 5!