Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy birthday to my princess baby.

Two years ago today you came into mine and your papa's life. I couldn't imagine a funnier, cuter, and more incredible person. Your toes are beyond cute, your little curls take my breath away, and I love that you never stop talking. And that you say "Mama" with a little accent. And that laugh that you do when you get all excited. And that you love to play seepies.


Ang said...

when was the pic with the cupcake taken? i love her...happy birthday from auntie!

Randi said...

Love her too many.

Grama said...

Happy Birthday little Sash!
Can`t believe you are 2 already.
Looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday.
Love, Grandma
We loved your pictures.

Vincent said...


Christine said...

Happy birthday, cutie! xox

Michele said...

Wow, 2 already. Happy belated Birthday little Sasha!