Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good, Bad, Ugly

  • Buddy is cute and funny. She chooses her own outfits now, so she's often wearing a lot of different colors.
  • Babe is also cute and funny.
  • I am going to NYC in less than a week!
  • I gave blood yesterday! You get four hours of comp time for giving blood, so right on! Do a good deed, get a half day off work. Nothing wrong with that. 
  • My attitude. Really. I've never endured such working conditions before - tyrant, dictator, micromanager, and it really makes me furious. 
  • Time has sped up to the point that I literally cannot get anything done ever.
  • I was so sad and grouchy last night I just didn't even do the dishes, so had to do gross dirty water dishes this morning. MOODY CODDIE WHAT IS A MATTER WITH YOU?
  • Fifth stye on my eye in three months. Going to the ophthalmologist tomorrow. Not only are they disgustingly hideous but they are really just beyond painful. The only thing I can really relate it to is something like a bad toothache, there's not much you can do about it and it's always there. It effing sucks.
  • Buddy has a bad cough. Why? I don't know. But last night she woke me up with her coughing at 3:30 in the morning, so I spent the next twenty minutes in the steamy bathroom patting her back and rocking her. She woke up crying at 5:20, also, but fell back asleep. I sincerely hope last night was the worst of it.


Ang said...

sorry about the job dude....welcome to my world....i can't wait to see you on saturday.

Randi said...

That is all bad, ho! I wanna wrap you in my arms and pull you into the warmth of my bosom and say "there there."

Michele said...

Not being happy at work is a bad thing. It can really wear you down. Good luck. Too bad you can't donate blood every day!