Monday, May 21, 2012

Wknd Pictures!!

We took buddy to the farmer's market on Sunday. We rode our bikes there so we didn't have a stroller, though she was in the pack for a bit. I let her run around freely though and here she is carrying her little cup of water all over the place.
And having a seat to take a little drink and a rest.

One day, Buddy is going to kill me for this picture.

I joined this thing called Stunner of the Month club which mails you a new pair of shades every month.  These are this month's stunners.


Buddy, snacking at the grocery store. 


Ang said...

yeah, you're killing me dude....

Hung said...

That looks like so much fun

Randi said...

We got the same seat for Capood yesterday! Rode around the cul de sac with his Cars helmet. Hehe